Financial Friday 7/23

This Financial Friday was full of BLACKONOMICS! Candidate Shelley and her hubz/campaign manager Andre kicked off the show diving into the issues of low generational wealth in the black community. If you don’t already know, Shelley’s main goal in office will be increasing economic power within our communities by utilizing what increases the wealth in, sadly, every community other than our own…the Black Dollar. I don’t know ‘bout y’all, but I’m ‘bout tired of that shit. Shelley and Dre are too, so listen to the playback infused with facts and laughs. Like, I don’t know how we got to Dre asking why the rapper 50cent couldn’t be a dollar, but he always go to many unexpected places.

Another one of those places was fuming at the audacity of the French forcing Haiti to pay them for money lost when Haiti won independence from those clowns. You need to come watch the clip and see this shit. So, you’re going to unlawfully and barbarically enslave them. Then, when they kicked your ass and gained their freedom simultaneously, you proceed to treat this like an insurance company and file a claim for your “lost wages?” That’s not how this works. Watch the playback and tell me if that’s how freedom works.  

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